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CTKing software is developed based on the Chase Trading System and designed for US stock market. We bring a unique blend of software and trading experience. The software analyzes the market by focusing on trend, range, volume and prices. It tells you which stock to watch, the right time to buy and sell, and helping investors beat the market consistently.



We offer Traders’ Boot Camp programs in different levels that can educate investors or traders how to effectively increase their profit in both bull and bear markets.
Our courses that will lay a strong foundation for your financial future. No matter you are a new or experienced trader, no matter you want to make extra money or become a professional trader, you will learn how to use our powerful trading system and software to make a profit consistently.


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Goldmine Club creates a social platform for everyone who shows interest in our trading products and services. Members can share and exchange trading experience and ask questions. All club members are benefited to receive our market analysis, recommended stock list, the newest trading technique, and online education courses.







Our founder and CEO, William Cai is a former Guotai Securities Corporation chief trader with over twenty years of stock trading experience. After seven years of researching and developing, Mr. Cai designed a proven Chase Trading System. The system has been tested by Topstep Trader company (Member of CME Group) in year 2010, using SPY short-term trade as a sample, the success rate was 86.95%.








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